Stand Up Paddle : Water sport accessible to all!

Stand Up Paddle : Water sport accessible to all!

Stand Up Paddle : Water sport accessible to all!

Stand Up Paddle, differently known as SUP, is a water sport that consists of paddling while standing on a large board. Originally from Hawaii, it is an ancestral sport that has come back in the style of the day for a few years now. It has become very popular because it is so quick to learn and it is accessible to everyone. Not requiring a high level of physical condition, this sport attracts more and more people all around the world. You can practice this sport on a lake but also at sea. 

There are several ways to practice Stand Up Paddle:

  • For beginners, there are very stable and wide boards for hiking and walking on the water at your own pace. 
  • For the more audacious, there are longer and narrower boards for racing, to get the maximum speed.
  • And finally, for the more adventurous, it is possible to surf with a shorter and wider paddle board to handle the waves more easily. 

Once you've made your choice, all that's left is to choose your board type.

  • Inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards

    Resistant and stable, they are recommended for beginners. They inflate quickly with a pump and they are easy to store as they fit in a backpack.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle

  • Rigid boards:

    Recommended for experts who wish to practice racing or surfing. These boards are more powerful but more fragile. They are less practical to transport than an inflatable board. 
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